Eye Floaters: Shining Structure of Consciousness and Open Eye Meditation.
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Eye Floaters
Open Eye Meditation on the Shining Structure of Consciousness
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Eye Floaters – Open Eye Meditation

They float and flit through our field of vision: transparent dots and wiggling strings. The best way to see them is to look up at the bright sky. But if you want to look more closely, they usually float away.

Maybe you know them. And maybe you know that ophthalmologists call these dots and strings eye floaters or mouches volantes (French for flying flies). And that they consider them symptomatic for the harmless and age-related haziness of the vitreous body.

Eye floaters in the field of vision.

Eye floaters in the field of vision (© Leuchtstruktur Verlag).

But did you know that these dots and strings have a spiritual meaning for some people and are used for meditation? One of these people is Nestor, a hermit from the Swiss Emmental whom I met in the 1990s. For Nestor, these dots and strings are not vitreous opacities but a consciousness phenomenon. According to his experience, floaters dramatically change in the course of consciousness development. At the beginning we may perceive floaters as cloudy or transparent, more or less disturbing dots and strings. A seer like Nestor, on the other hand, sees them as big spheres and tubes of a luminous structure.

Shining structure spheres and tubes in a seer’s view.

Shining structure spheres and tubes in a seer’s view (© Leuchtstruktur Verlag).

The seeing skill can be developed consciously. Fundamentals and exercises are, for example, an ethical lifestyle, regular body and breathing exercises, working with extraordinary states of consciousness. As well as open eye meditation.

For this purpose, we make our dots and strings appear in the middle of the field of vision by carefully moving our eyes. We look at them and little by little get to know their forms, constellations and movements. Maybe we have to constantly refocus the gaze to counteract their floating away and keep them in sight. With increasing concentration we can hold the dots and strings better and longer in place. We realize that they are gradually getting sharper and brighter. As the dots and strings become steady and bright, our consciousness, too, becomes steady and bright. In such moments, we intuitively comprehend the deeper meaning of this shining structure, as well as its connection with the picture and ourselves.

In these dots and strings we will find an exciting link between science, art and spirituality. Working with the shining structure leads us to a more holistic understanding of world and man. And to the realization of our own luminous nature.

Floco Tausin

Books/eBooksFloco Tausin's work is dedicated to the spiritual and cultural research of subjective visual light phenomena, especially eye floaters (mouches volantes).

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