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Eye Floaters

Questions for Floco Tausin about eye floaters.

What do you see in your field of vision?
Transparent to luminous dots and strings...
Q/A 1
Is there an alternative explanation?
Yes, a spiritual: floaters are lights of our consciousness structure...

Intro to eye floatersntro to eye floaters

Questions for author and consciousness researcher Floco Tausin about eye floaters, the floating dots and strings in our visual field.

Can you describe what you see in your field of vision?
I see dots and strings, transparent to luminous and they move according to the eye movements...
Question/Answer 1
Apart from ophthalmology, are there alternative explanations? 
Yes, a spiritual: eye floaters are not vitreous opacities, but lights of our consciousness structure...
What would you say to people who want to get rid of the shining structure floaters?
These are not an illness and therefore there is no cure, but there are different ways of coping with it them...
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Could you describe what you see in your visual field?

Yes, I see dots and strings, consisting of a core and a surround. They are often transparent to luminous and have clear outlines. They move according to the eye movements.
These dots and strings move in our visual field. They might be cloudy and blurred; mostly though, they are transparent, sometimes luminous and often clearly outlined. The dots have cores, the strings contain dots. We discern them best when looking at the bright sky or an illuminated white surface. When we look against a light source through a small hole in a paper or through our eye lashes, the dots and strings appear clear, outlined and in abundance. While some dots and strings hardly react to our eye movements, most are highly responsive. Therefore, it is not easy to directly look at them and hold them in suspension. If we hold our eyes still, the dots and strings tend to sink.

Eye floaters in the visual field (Leuchtstruktur-Verlag)

Eye floaters in the visual field. Source

For more images of eye floaters, see
- the illustrated diagram in the section „The structural or static aspect of the shining structure“.
- in the Gallery: Realistic Eye Floaters Art.
What are these dots and strings in the visual field?

Depends on who you ask. In ophthalmology, they are called “eye floaters” and explained as “vitreous opacities”.
Eye doctors call these dots and strings “eye floaters” or “muscae volitantes” (Latin for “flying flies”). It’s a so-called entoptic phenomenon, i.e. a visual phenomenon not generated by sensory stimuli, but by certain states of the visual system. In ophthalmology, “eye floaters” is a collective term used for different kinds of vitreous opacities. This can easily lead to confusion.

For further information about eye floaters, about their appearance, history and how people deal with them, see
1) „Mouches Volantes. Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness“, Chapter 3: „Mouches volantes“.
2) Eye Floaters Bibliography (pdf-file)
For now, let’s stay with ophthalmology: What’s the cause of eye floaters from an ophthalmological point of view?

Most frequently, eye floaters are thought to be vitreous fibrils which have clumped together and cast shadows on the retina due to age-related changes of the vitreous body.
In present-day ophthalmology, eye floaters are most commonly explained as vitreous fibrils which are clumped together, cast shadows on the retina and, therefore, become visible. What is the reason for this? Over the years, the vitreous body – the jelly-like clear mass in the eyeball – becomes liquid and shrinks (synchysis). Some parts liquefy, others condense. Sometimes, the vitreous body detaches from the retina (posterior vitreous detachment, PVD). During these processes, the filigreed hyaluronic collagen meshwork which stabilizes the vitreous body may clump together. This is a natural and usually benign aging process, comparable to the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Some eye doctors refer to eye floaters as “idiopathic” – i.e. not having a pathological cause – vitreous opacities.

The age-related emergence of eye floaters by liquefaction and posterior vitreous detachment.

The age-related emergence of eye floaters by liquefaction and posterior vitreous detachment. Quelle (5.11.13)
Most eye floaters are benign, then. What about pathological floaters?

There are eye floaters that develop from different disorders of the retina, the vitreous as well as pathological states of the nervous and metabolic system. However, these floaters are rare and look different than the ones described above.
There are several eye disorders that are known to cause eye floaters. If floaters suddenly increase and appear as soot or dust, this might indicate retinal detachment and/or vitreous hemorrhage. Sometimes, these floaters are seen combined with flashes (photopsia) which appear when parts of the detaching vitreous body pull on the retina. These conditions are health risks and should be checked with the eye doctor. Eye floaters can also be symptoms of further eye disorders or illnesses, e.g. glaucoma, retinitis, chorioretinitis, macular degeneration, uveitis, candidiasis etc. In these cases, visual acuity becomes partially diminished or entirely degenerated in one or more areas of the visual field (scotoma). Finally, eye floaters can be symptoms of specific illnesses like metabolic disorders – floaters are perceived as milky or yellowish mobile particles (asteroid hyalosis). Contrary to the floaters described above, all of these pathological eye floaters are rare and they look different than the „idiopathic“ floaters: They are not single and scattered, clearly outlined dots and strings, but dark and blurry clouds or soot (vitreous hemorrhage), big white rings (Weiss-Ring), yellowish bodies (asteroid hyalosis), or static and extended areas of visual loss (scotoma). As soon as these floaters are traced back to their cause, they are no longer perceived as „floaters“, but as symptoms of specific disorders.

- To distinguish “idiopathic” or shining structure floaters from age-related and/or pathological vitreous opacities, see the illustrated diagram.
Apart from ophthalmology, are there alternative perspectives on the benign, clearly outlined dots and strings?

Yes, there’s a spiritual explanation: These dots and strings are not vitreous opacities, but parts of our shining consciousness structure.
In the mid-1990s, I met a man named Nestor who lives in the solitude of the hilly Emmental region of Switzerland. Nestor understands himself as a “seer”. He sees the very same dots and strings that are described above as eye floaters. However, Nestor’s claims that his floaters have changed due to psychophysiological practices intended to intensify consciousness: They became bigger and more numerous, luminous, and developed into a multi-layered shining structure with a center which he approaches through seeing. To Nestor, “eye floaters” are actually a shining structure which is created by our consciousness and in which we enter when we leave our body. For many years, I’ve been learning the art of seeing with Nestor, and today I can confirm: This kind of floaters – the “shining structure floaters,” as I will call them in the following – are a phenomenon of light and consciousness. It is a mistake to conceive them as “vitreous opacity” or “vitreous degeneration syndrome”.

- To learn more about why shining structure floaters are not vitreous opacity, but a phenomenon of consciousness, see the section „consciousness“ on this website.

- More about my time of learning with seer Nestor, see my book „Mouches volantes“.
Are there other spiritual interpretations of floaters, or is Nestor’s perspective unique?

Most likely, shining structure floaters have been seen and interpreted in the context of shamanistic practices and arts since the Stone Age. However, focusing on our time and culture, Nestor’s perspective is indeed unique.
The luminous dots and strings are a subjective phenomenon, and “eye floaters” is a modern Western term. Therefore, it is difficult to discover the presence and meaning of shining structure floaters in different cultures and times. However, there are Stone Age cultural assets indicating that floaters, together with other entoptic phenomena, have been seen during shamanistic practices, processed in the arts and accordingly interpreted. In addition, we can find indications of entoptic phenomena and shining structure floaters in high cultures and religions with rituals and practices that include changing the states of consciousness of the participants. Finally, the mythological and spiritual art of today’s shamanistic societies in Siberia and South America often contain abstract forms that suggest the floater dots and strings as source of inspiration.

- For further articles about shining structure floaters and spirituality in different cultures and times, see Floco Tausin’s list of publication.

- To access Floco Tausin’s newly released articles about the traces of shining structure floaters in history, culture and nature, login to the member’s area.
To conclude, please share some advice for readers who experience eye floaters: Some people see eye floaters that do NOT look like the shining structure floaters described at the beginning – what should they do?

They should check with their eye doctors.
If you see spots, specks or clouds in your visual field that look differently than the ones described and depicted above, it could be age-related and/or pathological vitreous opacities. To be sure, have your eyes checked with your eye doctor. If the doctor does not see your floaters, it is safe to assume that you see the benign shining structure floaters.

- To distinguish “idiopathic” or shining structure floaters from age-related and/or pathological vitreous opacities, see the illustrated diagram.

Other people see the above described shining structure floaters, but they want to get rid of them – what would you say to these people?

These floaters are not an illness, therefore there is no cure. However, there are different coping strategies in medicine, alternative and complementary medicine, psychology and spirituality.
Most people who see shining structure floaters succeed in ignoring them in everyday life and therefore are not troubled. To some individuals, however, floaters are a problem. Due to seeing floaters, these people feel unable to live and enjoy a normal life and often react with strong emotions like fear, anger or depression. Floater sufferers who look for help may find relief in one of the following options:

1) Medicine: Today’s standard medical solution to floaters is surgery. There are two types of surgical treatment, laser treatment and vitrectomy. While laser treatment, as is known, doesn’t work for shining structure floaters, vitrectomy is generally thought to help with all kinds of floaters. Both options do entail risks.

2) Alternative and complementary medicine: There is a lot to discover and to give a chance: established traditional alternative therapies like Ayurveda and TCM, natural eyesight improvement, numerous tips from contributors on forums, as well as miracle cures offered by shady dealers.

3) Psychology: Partly overlapping with the alternative way, this approach investigates the psychical conditions of floater sufferers. In Western mainstream psychology, this option is currently underdeveloped.

4) Consciousness or spiritual development: The spiritual way according to my mentor Nestor understands shining structure floaters as expression of our inner consciousness light. In this perspective, floaters are not something to fear and get rid of, but something to embrace, observe, learn to see and light up.

- Medicine: The charity One Clear Vision provides information for treatment of Vitreous Degeneration Syndrome: www.oneclearvision.org (7.11.13)

- Alternative and complementary medicine: See the “Alternative Treatments” section of the Degenerative Vitreous Community Forum: floatertalk.yuku.com.

- Psychology: See e.g. Cipolletta, Sabrina et al. (2012): A Psychological Perspective of Eye Floaters. In: Qualitative Health Research 22, Nr. 11: 1547-1558. This study is presented and commented by Floco Tausin in: News 2/13.

- Consciousness development: See my book “Mouches Volantes. Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness”: www.amazon.com.

Finally, there are people who experience shining structure floaters and are open for a spiritual interpretation – what should they do?

In that case, I suggest to actively integrating the dots and strings in one’s own consciousness development in one way or the other.
Anyone who actively works – or wants to work – on her or his consciousness development can do this by means of the shining structure floaters. The dots and strings can be integrated in this work according to our own potentialities, abilities and interests. In my book „Mouches Volantes“, I have described the practices for body, mind and the “inner sense” that I was taught by Nestor in order to work with floaters. This is my personal way that may provide some inspiration for your own “path in the shining structure”.

- If you are interested in the relationship of shining structure floaters, consciousness and seeing, see the section “Consciousness” of this website.