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Floaters and Entoptic Phenomena Art
This is your opportunity to show your "Floaters Pictures" to others. Drawing floaters is challenging since you are dealing with a number of dots and strings which are constantly moving. It requires attentive observation and a lot of patience to make them look like you actually see them. Or maybe you want to share your artworks which are inspired by your floaters? In any case, visually exploring floaters is a step to open eye meditation and to the realization of their true nature. You are also welcome to send visual artworks that show other entoptic phenomena or could be inspired by them. Send per email your pictures together with your name/nick, country and a description of the picture to:
Here you can share your "Floaters Pictures" and other artworks which are, or could be, inspired by entoptic phenomena. Send it, together with your name and description, to:

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Floaters PictureRealistic looking shining structure floaters.

Entoptic ArtWorks of art from different cultures and times that (possibly) represent entoptic phenomena.

Spiritual/Religious ArtSpiritual/religious works of art from different cultures and times that could be inspired by entoptic phenomena.