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"Holistic Vision"
ISSN 2296-178X
1/13 (No. 17) 

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Open eye meditation on eye floaters

This is the latest issue of “Holistic Vision”, the spiritual project by the author and consciousness researcher Floco Tausin. It is devoted to a phenomenon known as idiopathic or harmless “eye floaters” or “muscae volitantes” (see pictures) among ophthalmologists. We see them as scattered, mobile, transparent dots and strings in our visual field. “Holistic Vision” includes ophthalmology but questions its conclusion on floaters and goes beyond. For the observation and open eye meditation reveals a connection between altered states of consciousness and the way floaters look. Furthermore, a look at different cultures highlights floaters as an object of art and spirituality. By this “holistic vision”, Floco Tausin pursues the question whether these spheres and strings are first appearances of a shining structure of consciousness within which we cover a distance to our spiritual origin – a path that lights up through open eye meditation.

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Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

News Content

1) Lead Story: no lead story

2) Readers’ Hints, Experiences, and Pictures: eye floaters in American Shamanic ceremonies
3) Nestor's Knowledge on Eye Floaters: the art of releasing energy
4) Quarterly Picture: “Myodesopsies” by Edith Dekyndt
5) About the Author’s Projects: publications by Floco Tausin
6 ) Last but not Least: readers’ comments on the Holistic Vision Project


Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

Lead Story

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Readers’ Hints, Experiences, and Pictures

Eye Floaters in American Shamanic ceremonies

„Since as far back as I can remember I have always been able to see floaters but never thought much of them beyond that of a medical phenomenon. I didn’t even believe in any of the New Age ideas, so I wasn’t about to make a correlation between the two. However when I graduated high school I found myself in a difficult place in my life, I had always studied and gotten good grades and was certain I wanted to go to college, however after getting into a prestigious art school I found even with some generous scholarships, there was no way I could afford to attend that school. So with no other choice in sight other than perhaps a community college and working as a bus boy, which certainly was not the way I thought my life would be, I took all my savings and flew to Mexico were I could use my money to live on my own and see more of the world. Only about a month into my trip I stumbled upon the most fascinating thing I have ever witnessed; Shaman magik. It absolutely has changed my life, I always thought those things were untrue but the degree of power and magik in those ceremony is undeniable. Anyways I have now been in Mexico about a year and continue to attend ceremonies, but recently something that has caught my eye (no pun intended) are the floaters... You see after every powerful ceremony I get more floaters, and more complex patterns or the existing patterns get more complex, like they are evolving. I even attended another type of ceremony, a Druid New Moon ceremony and again they got bigger. Now I’m even noticing that they change based on my mood and my thoughts. I was no longer satisfied with the medical explanation and soon found your site.“
-- Sebastian

Thanks, Sebastian, for your report. It would be interesting to know if and what meaning these shamans, druids and ecstatics of all sorts gave and give to the appearance of floaters, as well as if and how they work with floaters. This may be somewhat difficult to find out since these consciousness workers are not usually familiar with the Western term “floaters”. Regarding the native cultures of the Americas, there are still some hints to consider:


Shaman magik - It absolutely has changed my life, (Art from Ruysen-Flores-Venancino).

Shaman magik - It absolutely has changed my life, (Art from Ruysen-Flores-Venancino)


In Mesoamerica, the well-known anthropologist and author Carlos Castaneda reported having experienced subjective visual phenomena during his time of learning with Yaqui Indian and seer Don Juan. As I have suggested, some of these visual phenomena could have been eye floaters seen in different states of consciousness. Though Castaneda’s books cannot be read as a reliable anthropological account, they might still give some insights on the role of entoptic phenomena in Yaqui shamanism (Tausin 2010). For South America we have e.g. field research conducted by Austrian anthropologist Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff who stayed and studied with the Tukano societies of the Colombian Amazon region. He has shown that in their rituals, Tukano shamans use hallucinogenics to visualize entoptic imagery which they understand as mythic and cosmological themes and principles (Tausin 2012). Also, I recently did some research on North American Natives of the Arctic, Subarctic and the Northwest Coast. Even if these cultures have no tradition of shamanic use of hallucinogenic plants, they induce altered states of consciousness by other means. Frequent motifs in their art are dotted and concentric circles and “ovoids” that are understood as the “eye of consciousness” (Yupik Eskimo) and portals through which the soul leaves the body and travels to the otherworld (Yupik Eskimo and Northwest Coast Indians). I suggest that they may have been inspired by floater spheres (Tausin 2013, German only).

To me, Sebastian’s report is another relevant case from the Americas, as well as another confirmation that eye floaters reflect our state of consciousness. This becomes evident most likely with ancient and modern shamanic rituals that alter the consciousness in a strong and intense fashion. When this happens, floaters frequently light up, zoom in and show more complex patterns.

Thanks Sebastian
-- Floco


  • Tausin, Floco (2010): Cocoons and fibers. Eye floaters as a source of inspiration for Carlos Castaneda? A Spiritual Voice. New Age Spirituality for the 21st century. new-age-spirituality.com (12.7.10)
  • Tausin, Floco (2012): Lights from the Other World – Floater structures in the visual arts of modern and present-day shamans. Ovi Magazine, May 2012. ovimagazine.com (22.5.12)
  • Tausin, Floco (2013): Mouches-volantes-Strukturen in Nordamerika. Teil 1: Bewusstseinsaugen und Weltenportale (Eskimo, Nordwestküsten-Indianer). mouches-volantes.com (2.4.13)

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Nestor's Knowledge on Eye Floaters

The art of releasing energy

Eye floaters and their meaning were interpreted differently depending on the time, culture and personality of the observer. We learn a spiritually meaningful perspective about floaters from Nestor, the seer, with whom I have studied and whose teachings I recorded in the book „Mouches volantes – Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness“. In this category, a particular statement from the book on floaters shall be presented and explained.

»Sensations have a relaxing effect and bring about calmness,« the thinker said. »I can stay seated and regularly release my energy as ecstasy into the world. On the other hand, if you are not a seer and your body is ›shut off‹, then you’ll always have to fight in order to release your energy. Then you have to run around, climb up and down mountains or do the ›doctor thing‹ – or do it altogether. You have to toil and sweat, you must be glad and upset. And you’re making love with it. But those are all petty little kicks. Give your power away like that, and you’ll always stay restless and agitated, never completely satisfied. Simply because you pin down your power to certain intentions, feelings, people and objects that will bleach out and become old and gray. And you yourself will also bleach out in the process, become old and gray and die – without having found out what it means to make the web of consciousness light up with your energy, and to get along better with everything«

From: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, p. 221

From: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, p. 264. (source)


From an energetic point of view, our life consists in taking up, converting and releasing energy in different forms. The energetic work conducted by the Emmental seers is to consciously arrange that energy circulation in a way that the structure of consciousness lights up more and more. Here, the balance between taking up and releasing plays a role just as the form and quality of the energy do.

As the “thinker” makes clear in the above quote, all actions and feelings are forms of energy release. However, these forms do not make the consciousness structure shine up. For that purpose, energy must be released into the picture as directly as possible, i.e. not tied to specific forms. The seers claim that this can be accomplished by the way of ecstasy, which is a long and intense prickle feeling on the whole body. Ecstasies can be so intense that the visual change is directly observable: the picture becomes brighter, the dots and strands light up.

Ecstasies are thus the seers’ preferred kind of energy release. However, there are limits: Ecstasies cannot be enforced. They happen when excess energy is available that flows unimpeded from the body into the picture. Only the circumstances can be induced actively, such as increasing the inner intensity (or “inner pressure”), the temporary exposure to cold-warm-differences, or the engagement in touching feelings, thoughts or music. All of this increases the intensity and frequency of the prickle feeling. Ecstasies are also limited because of the principle of the above mentioned energy circulation: Even the seers cannot just sit and experience ecstasies in every moment of their day without caring for the needs of their physical bodies – which means to take up and release energy in physical and mental form. So it’s mostly a matter of choosing the actions of everyday life so that there is space for moments of both deep calmness and increased energy – and ecstasy.


- Tausin, Floco: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, Bern 2009, (ISBN: 978-3033003378), eye-floaters.info.


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Quarterly Picture

“Myodesopsies” by Edith Dekyndt

The category "Quarterly Picture" introduces realistic, artistic and/or spiritual/religious representations from different cultures and times which could show entoptic phenomena, or be inspired by it.

Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt has created an installation that addresses the issue of eye floaters. The work is called “Myodesopsies” – an Ancient Greek term meaning “seeing flies”, from which the French “mouches volantes” developed. The installation “Myodesopsies” was originally created in 2001 as a film that showed sequences of text fragments on varying luminous backgrounds. The installation was shown at several exhibitions, most recently in 2009 at the Belgian Musée des Arts Contemporains. In these exhibitions, Edith Dekyndt extended her work: She has been using daylight and bright screens in order to let the visitors see their own floaters. She handed the fragmented text to several musicians who created songs of different styles for the installation.

Myodesopsies. Installation by Edith Dekyndt, 2001 ongoing.

Myodesopsies. Installation by Edith Dekyndt, 2001 ongoing. (25.3.13). (source)


In this text that appears, floats and disappears on the screen, Edith Dekyndt takes up the older embryonic explanation of floaters: According to that, floaters are remaining fibers of the embryonic evolution of the body. Based on that thought, she characterizes floaters as the source of human existence which may be elusive, but also very real and present in every moment. Moreover, floaters even seem to have a supernatural, cosmic or even divine dimension in her inspiring and poetic fragmented text:


You will find simillar entoptic pictures in the gallery. Do you have drawings of eye floaters or other entoptic phenomena (flying corpuscles, afterimages etc.)? Do you know of realistic, artistic and religious representations of such appearances? Then send me the picture or give me the tip; I would like to publish it in the newsletter and/or in the gallery.


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About the Author’s Projects


Publications by Floco Tausin


Publications by Floco Tausin

You’ll find a complete list with all previous publications in German and English (monographs, anthologies, magazines) at Website.
These articles are also available in the member area.

Mouches-volantes-Strukturen in den Veden, Teil 3: Opfersäule, Weltenbaum, Indras Netz und Nadis als Faden- und Röhrenstrukturen
Das Phänomen der Mouches volantes wird in unserer Kultur vorwiegend im Einklang mit der modernen medizinischen Sicht verstanden, wo es als „Glaskörpertrübung“ gilt. Aussereuropäische und frühere religiöse Traditionen geben hingegen Hinweise darauf, dass Mouches volantes als spirituelles oder kosmisches Phänomen gedeutet wurden. Ihre Bilder, Mythen und Symbole zeigen immer wieder dieselben Strukturen, wie sie für die Punkte und Fäden in unserem Blickfeld typisch sind. Das Sehen von Mouches volantes könnte somit vielfältiger sein, als uns heute bewusst ist. In diesem Artikel werden die indischen Veden auf Mouches-volantes-Formen untersucht.

Veröffentlicht in:
- Virtuelles Magazin 2000, Nr. 66. archiv.vm2000.net (24.3.13)


Floaters and the I Ching
In China, the Book of Changes (I Ching) is one of the most important books used for divination and self-realization. Its principle may have been developed from the perception of eye floaters during altered states of consciousness..

- A Spiritual Voice (March 2013). new-age-spirituality.com (20.3.13)
- Ovi Magazine, 17.3.13. ovimagazine.com (24.3.13)
- Ufodigest, 15.3.13. ufodigest.com (24.3.13)
- Unexplained Mysteries, 20.3.13. unexplained-mysteries.com (24.3.13)


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Last but not Least

Readers‘ comments on the Holistic Vision Project

“Turn it into a religion if you need to be just as bad as the rest of the world. go sell your annoying little book”
-- Gregg

“Firstly i am proud of the work you do, any information at all about the holistic implications of eye floaters are extremely difficult to find.”
-- Biz

Thanks, Gregg and Biz. I appreciate your thoughts and feelings on this project!
-- Floco

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