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"Holistic Vision"
The latest News from
2/11 (No. 10)


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Open eye meditation on eye floaters

This is the latest issue of “Holistic Vision”, the spiritual project by the author and consciousness researcher Floco Tausin. It is devoted to a phenomenon known as idiopathic or harmless “eye floaters” or “muscae volitantes” (see pictures) among ophthalmologists. We see them as scattered, mobile, transparent dots and strings in our visual field. “Holistic Vision” includes ophthalmology but questions its conclusion on floaters and goes beyond. For the observation and open eye meditation reveals a connection between altered states of consciousness and the way floaters look. Furthermore, a look at different cultures highlights floaters as an object of art and spirituality. By this “holistic vision”, Floco Tausin pursues the question whether these spheres and strings are first appearances of a shining structure of consciousness within which we cover a distance to our spiritual origin – a path that lights up through open eye meditation.

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Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

News Content

1) Lead Story: “In-depth observations on eye floaters – a challenge to ophthalmology”

2) Reader’s Hints, Experiences, and Pictures: e-mail from Jackson Peterson
3) Nestor's Knowledge on Eye Floaters: the first effect caused by consciousness
4) Quarterly Picture: contemporary art representing entoptic phenomena – Floater in the TV series Family Guy
5) About the Author’s Projects: publications by Floco Tausin
6 ) Last but not Least: reader’s comments on the Holistic Vision Project


Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

Lead Story

In-depth observations on eye floaters – a challenge to ophthalmology

For centuries, scholars try to find an explanation for the mobile, scattered and transparent spheres and strings in our visual field. Early on in ophthalmological tradition, the origin was thought to be in the eye. The phenomenon was considered a disorder or degeneration somewhere between cornea and retina. Today, eye floaters are believed to be an opacity of the vitreous. However, careful observation of floaters reveals properties that challenge this dominant view and call for a reconsideration of the ophthalmological explanation.

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Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

Reader’s Hints, Experiences, and Pictures

E-mail from Jackson Peterson

The following feedback was sent by Dzogchen teacher Jackson Peterson (

“I teach Dzogchen and thogal in Vienna. What contact have you had thogal teaching? Thogal is the practice of developing these spheres of light and chains, and they are considered our basic primordial Awareness. There is a very complete database of instruction on this practice in Dzogchen. ... I am totally fascinated by what you are writing about. And everything you mention regarding higher Awareness of the basic ground of Reality is the same in Dzogchen teaching. Why don’t you mention Dzogchen?


Is there a relationship between Dzogchen teachings and Eye floaters?

Is there a relationship between Dzogchen teachings and Eye floaters? (source)


Hi Jackson,

At the time I published my book (2004, in German), I didn’t know anything about Dzogchen. In the last 6 years, however, several people asked about my relationship to Dzogchen teachings. Actually, there is no relationship so far. I came into contact with a man called Nestor who practiced meditating on these spheres. Through adopting a conscious way of living and observing the spheres and strings attentively, I started to realize the different sizes, layers and brightness they have.

For my second book project, I started investigating the phenomenon of light spheres and strings in different times and cultures, for I’m convinced that this is universal to mankind, but interpreted differently, depending on the cultural tradition of the seer/mystic. I found hints on light spheres/strings in paleolithic (rock art) and modern shamanism as well as in early civilizations like Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. I’m still in the beginning of my research. It looks like Dzogchen is only one system/tradition interpreting and working with subjective visual light phenomena, although it seems to be the most elaborated one. I’m going to do research on religious teachings (including Buddhism and Dzogchen) when I have concluded my search for subjective visual light phenomena in the visual arts of ancient civilizations.


Thank You,
Jackson, for your report!Smile

Dear readers, do you have personal experiences with eye floaters or other entoptic phenomena? Or any suggestions what they could be? Send your hints, experiences and/or pictures to me, I am very interested.

Email: mail me


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Nestor's Knowledge on Eye Floaters

The first effect caused by consciousness

Eye floaters and their meaning were interpreted differently depending on the time, culture and personality of the observer. We learn a spiritually meaningful perspective about floaters from Nestor, the seer, with whom I have studied and whose teachings I recorded in the book „Mouches volantes – Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness“. In this category, a particular statement from the book on floaters shall be presented and explained.

»In the process, you’ll also recognize that the basic structure is the first effect caused by consciousness; before anything else can come into existence, consciousness is split up into light and matter through this structure.«

From: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, p. 199.

From: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, p. 199. (source)


Nestor reiterates the view that the spheres and strings which we know as eye floaters are “consciousness” in their true nature. This idea is logical in the light of an idealistic philosophy that – in contrast to philosophical materialism – understands all things as consciousness, or spirit of different density. However, this thinking is nuanced by the statement that floaters are the product of consciousness. The idea behind this is that “consciousness” is a creative original principle which is in itself complete and undivided. Through the process of creation, “consciousness” leaves the condition of unity and begins to split and perceive itself as the world of diverse shapes and colors. The human body and human perception are the result of this continuous creative activity.

In Nestor’s understanding, the shining structure is a result of the creative consciousness, too. It is what consciousness creates when it splits for the first time: an original duality of “light” and “matter” – “light” is understood as pure consciousness light, and “matter” as pure matter. Consciousness thus appears as an organizing principle: it separates light and matter, and arranges one here and one there. The most simple visual expression of this primordial duality is a shining sphere with dark core and bright surround, or bright core and dark surround respectively. To gaze at the spheres and strands is to gaze back into the history of the emergence of the “world”. Meditation on eye floaters will bring our individual consciousness more and more to the initial state of this original duality and its intensity. In a consciousness state of duality, there might be the possibility to unite light and matter again. The seers know one thing for certain: the path within the shining structure leads from multiplicity to duality and, eventually, to the one.


- Tausin, Floco: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, Bern 2009, (ISBN: 978-3033003378).


Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

Quarterly Picture

Contemporary art representing entoptic phenomena – Floater in the TV series Family Guy

The category "Quarterly Picture" introduces realistic, artistic and/or spiritual/religious representations from different cultures and times which could show entoptic phenomena, or be inspired by it.

Family Guy is a US American cartoon series that centers around the everyday lives of middle-class family Griffin. The series is characterized by its complex and often audacious humor and the overdrawn portrayal of everyday problems. Typical are the short humoristic cut scenes or flashbacks that are brought in to parody celebrities or TV series.


“Away from you people”. Eye Floater in Family Guy.

“Away from you people”. Eye Floater in Family Guy. (source)


Such a gag is found in the episode “Ocean's Three and a Half” (7th episode of season 7). In this episode, Bonny Swanson gives birth to a girl. To pay the hospital costs, her husband Joe does some odd jobs, including waitering at the Drunken Clam. When Peter Griffin meets Joe at the Clam, he gives the advice to engage with a loan shark rather than continue to wait tables – which would make Joe feel smaller than the eye floaters in Peter’s eye in no time. In this moment, the camera changes to first-person view, a personalized floater string appears in Peter’s visual field, and Peter begins a conversation with his floater:

Peter: "Hey eye floater."
Floater: "Hi."
Floater floats to the right.
Peter: "Hey! Hey, where you're going?"
Floater: "Away from you, people."
Peter: "Well, maybe I'll look over here." (looks left)
Floater quickly floats to the left, but keeps floating even after Peter’s eye movements have been stopped.
Floater: "I'll go over here."
Peter: "You've got an answer for everything, don't you?"

Short gag, simple message: Floaters are small speaking pests and masters of permanent drifting away which makes them real smart asses. Or alternatively: the average American has the ability to talk with and understand his floaters while being unable to hold them in suspension and look at them at will ...


You will find this and other pictures in the gallery. Do you have drawings of eye floaters or other entoptic phenomena (flying corpuscles, afterimages etc.)? Do you know of realistic, artistic and religious representations of such appearances? Then send me the picture or give me the tip; I would like to publish it in the newsletter and/or in the gallery.


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About the Author’s Projects


Publications by Floco Tausin


Publications by Floco Tausin

You’ll find a complete list with all previous publications in German and English (monographs, anthologies, magazines) at Website.
These articles are also available in the member area.

„Hair standing on end“. Prickle feelings in spirituality and holistic medicine
Many of us experience that prickle feeling with the body hair standing on end and the skin looking like “goose bumps” time and again. It is usually associated or identified with chills, shiver and certain emotional states. Less known, however, is that this prickle is informative and effective in the fields of health care and spirituality. This is suggested by both medical studies and the experience of spiritual masters of different cultures.

- Alternative Culture Magazine. (26.5.11)
- New Age Spirituality. (29.5.11)
- viewzone. (30.5.11)
- Subversify. (5.6.11)
- The Spirit of Maat. (7.6.11)


Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

Last but not Least

Reader’s comments on the Holistic Vision Project

Ich glaube das diese Mouches Volantes die ersten Bewohner der Erde, der Galaxie, des Ursprungs sind und wir haben sie deshalb genau vor unserem Auge, damit wir immer an unseren Ursprung erinnert werden....

“Yeah okay.... what ever you say but these floaters that I have are driving me over the edge!!! You can’t ignore when your vision is blocked so badly that you can’t see when driving and so on. Pretend all you would like but they don’t go away .....”
-- EP

“I've been looking at my floaters ever since I was 5 years old, and at the age of 12, my father taught me the spiritual aspects of the illuminated dots and strands and how I should meditate upon them as often as I could. … I was very excited to have found your book on Amazon. I've read it twice now, and will continue to read it as a source of my inspirations.”
-- Kamal

Thanks for your feedbacks!

-- Floco

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