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"Holistic Vision"
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June 2010 (2/10)


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Dots and Strands in our Field of Vision: Vitreous Opacity or Light of Consciousness?

This is the latest issue of "Holistic Vision". I am Floco Tausin, author, consciousness researcher, and initiator of this spiritual project. The focus of "Holistic Vision" lies on entoptic phenomena, mainly on so-called eye floaters (in ophthalmology known as vitreous floaters or by the French term mouches volantes, see pictures).We see these as easily floating dots and strands in our field of vision. The close observation indicates that there is a correspondence between altered states of consciousness and specific appearances of floaters. Thus, the novel and provocative main thesis of this project is: eye floaters are the first appearances of a shining structure of consciousness within which we cover a distance to our spiritual origin. We can see and experience this way. As an object of concentration and meditation, these dots and strands are therefore a significant key to our consciousness development.

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Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

News Content

1) Lead Story: “Eye Floaters. Floating Spheres and strings in a seer’s view”

2) Reader’s Hints, Experiences, and Pictures: e-mail from X
3) Nestor's Knowledge on Eye Floaters: the dots and strings as an expression of consciousness
4) Quarterly Picture: “Phenomenon in the sky” by Hans Glaser
5) About the Author’s Projects: publications by Floco Tausin
6 ) Last but not Least: reader’s comments on the Holistic Vision Project


Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

Lead Story

Eye Floaters
Floating spheres and strings in a seer’s view

This article summarizes the extraordinary and fascinating visual theory of Nestor, an Emmental seer known to the author personally. The theory focuses on the phenomenon of eye floaters, moving dots and strings in our visual field. Being starting point, concentration object and realization object at the same time, floaters are much more than modern ophthalmology tries to make us believe.

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Stripline  in  the Eye Floaters News

Reader’s Hints, Experiences, and Pictures

E-mail from X

The following feedback and picture was sent by reader X.

“Please tell me the treatment.
what medicaments (drugs), herbs i need?

This is a disease. I think is a little worm. This affect the brain and the nervous system.

From my knowlege candida can apear in eye. Candidas don't move. The problem is because they grow with the same structure. This is the reason why i am in ‘panic’.”


This picture was sent by reader X. Candidiasis or Eye Floaters?

This picture was sent by reader X. Candidiasis or Eye Floaters?


Hi X,

Thanks for your picture, you’re a good observer.

Well, you need a treatment to cure an illness. Those idiopathic harmless floaters are not an illness, so you don't need any treatment.

I'm aware of the ‘worm’ or ‘cyst’ theories and considered it in my newsletter: newsmarch2008.
Unfortunately, it’s German only, but to make it short: cysts or worms look optically different (see the images there) and – contrary to idiopathic floaters – may be seen by ophthalmologists.

The same goes with candida: If you carefully look at the structure, floaters are clearly different from candida: in candida, the spores are outside the threads, there are no spores in the threads; in floaters, there are dots inside the strings. In addition: The inside of the spores doesn't look as homogenous as the inside of the floater dots.

If you really had Candidiasis then your whole immune system had collapsed and you would be in serious trouble. For candida affects all parts of the body, not only the vitreous. This is the case in AIDS patients.

Understanding that floaters are no illness is the first step to deal with the dots and strings in your visual field. If you are a spiritually active person and interested in personal growth, I suggest taking time each day to closely observe your floaters, concentrate and meditate on them; notice how they move, how they relate to your eye movements, how they change size and luminosity over time. The “Holistic Vision” project on this website may give you further ideas about how to do this.

If you don't want to work with floaters, I suggest to accept them as an individual expression of your body, like the color of your hair or the liver spots on your skin – they are painless and do no harm.

Peace and relax!



Thank You, X, for your report!Smile

Dear readers, do you have personal experiences with eye floaters or other entoptic phenomena? Or any suggestions what they could be? Send your hints, experiences and/or pictures to me, I am very interested.

Email: mail me


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Nestor's Knowledge on Eye Floaters

The dots and strings as an expression of consciousness

Eye floaters and their meaning were interpreted differently depending on the time, culture and personality of the observer. We learn a spiritually meaningful perspective about floaters from Nestor, the seer, with whom I have studied and whose teachings I recorded in the book „Mouches volantes – Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness“. In this category, a particular statement from the book on floaters shall be presented and explained.

»If I had known that your perfect restoration would bring me these particles in the eye, I would’ve never gotten involved in it,« I sneered.
»Don’t look at them as particles in the eye,« he replied. »That’s the explanation of people with a materialistic worldview. Of course they can’t come up with anything else than ›particles in the eye‹. Instead, con¬sider your dots and strands as an expression of consciousness.«
»Consciousness? Last time you said mouches volantes are the basic structure of the picture.«
»That’s what they are indeed: these dots and strands are sections of a kind of framework, or better: a structure. And this structure is the picture without the small world, the naked picture, so to speak – that’s why I call it basic structure; that which we call small world comes and goes at the outer brim of this structure.
But ultimately it is the consciousness forming this basic structure. So if you’re familiar with it, you don’t only know the buildup of the picture and thus the origin of all things in your small world; you will also understand this consciousness, that is you yourself, better.«

From: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, p. 186 et seq.

From: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, p. 186 et seq.. (source)


Nestor is giving an insight into his thinking about the nature and structure of the world and the cosmos: he understands creation as a series of different states of consciousness. “Consciousness” seems to be the principle that exists without another, self-sufficiently resting in itself. Since our innermost being is ultimately “consciousness”, we are the ones that unfold the cosmos in each moment. In this unfolding process, consciousness is concentrated in a structure of spheres that are interconnected in a network of tubes. Nestor calls it the “basic structure”. This structure is in turn a dynamic and creative one: the light of consciousness passing through its tubes concentrates at the edges, turning there into condensed and isolated phenomena which we know as thoughts, feelings, and as the bodies of animate and inanimate nature. All these phenomena are, in their core, not different from consciousness but a condensed expression of it.

The seers hold that this creation process can be reversed by a particular way of life, as well as by physical and mental exercises. What we know as “eye floaters” are the first visual appearances of this shining basic structure. By concentrating and meditating on this structure, the seers seek to live and experience consciousness in its purer form. They go the “path in the basic structure”, i.e. they increasingly reduce the number of spheres and strings in their spiritual progression – until they are able to see consciousness through a single sphere, which, for them, constitutes the source of creation and also the source of self-knowledge.

For Nestor and the seers, these ideas about the evolution of the cosmos is a result of seeing the shining structure. In this section, however, Nestor indirectly says that seeing the structure is, in turn, the result of our world view. These are our deepest beliefs about what constitutes the world and our lives in it. If we hold the view that the phenomena of the cosmos and life are nothing more than natural and material processes, then the ophthalmological explanation of eye floaters will be satisfactory, and there is no reason for us to observe these dots and strings more closely. If we, however, consider them an expression of consciousness, then the opportunity arises to verify the statements of the seers to ourselves.

This is perhaps the paradox of any sort of quest for knowledge: before you can know, you have to accept and believe. Make sure, you ask your mind and your heart before you decide!


  • Tausin, Floco: Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters. The Shining Structure of Consciousness, Bern 2009, (ISBN: 978-3033003378).

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Quarterly Picture

Spiritual art representing entoptic phenomena – “Phenomenon in the sky” by Hans Glaser

The category "Quarterly Picture" introduces realistic, artistic, and/or spiritual/religious representations from different cultures and times which could show entoptic phenomena, or be inspired by it.

Unusual phenomena in the sky have always been impressive for mankind. Most people in early modern Europe regarded them as a disturbance of the divine cosmic order. They could therefore be caused only by God himself: God was thought to put signs in the sky to warn the sinners. At the time, such phenomena became popular motifs for the emerging illustrated books – a business in which the German painter and printer Hans Wolff Glaser was active. Besides Christian motifs, professionals, portraits and war scenes, Glaser took celestial phenomena as a motif for his woodcarvings, fabricated and printed between 1540 and 1570. One example is the “Phenomenon in the sky at Nuremberg on April 14, 1561”.


Hans Glaser: Phenomenon in the sky at Nuremberg on April 14, 1561. Woodcarving, 30.5 x 33 cm.

Hans Glaser: Phenomenon in the sky at Nuremberg on April 14, 1561. Woodcarving, 30.5 x 33 cm.
Source: Digitale Bibliothek: The Yorck Project 9


“In the morning between 4 and 5 am … a terrifying face appeared in the rising sun” (translated from Old High German by FT). This is how Glaser begins his description of the image. He continues by listing a number of abstract geometric objects: lines, spheres, crosses, tubes filled with spheres. They are reported to be blue, purple, red and “blood-colored” . These objects “started to combat each other”, moved to and fro, then fell from the sky to the earth, turning into smoke. Finally, a large black “spear” appeared in the sky. The spectacle lasted for one hour and was observed by many men and women.

As we know, such representations are no factual reports but works of art, enriched by personal imagination and Christian symbolism. The text also had to comply with formal requirements tailored for celestial phenomena. Finally, the technique of woodcarving led to visual distortions, e.g. luminous phenomena are represented as dark shadows, and delicate patterns necessarily turn out coarser and clumsier. From today's point of view, all of these circumstances open up a wide range of possible interpretations of these abstract objects: meteorologists and astronomers explain them as mirages (Fata Morgana), lighting effects (halo), turbulences of air layers etc. UFO researchers may think of a “Close Encounter of the First Kind”, while the Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung understood celestial phenomena as collective archetypal visions.

What about the “entoptic interpretation”? Entoptic phenomena such as eye floaters may have been the cause or side effects of the perception that led to Glaser's presentation. Geometric shapes like the spheres and spheres in tubes are typical for the idiopathic (harmless) eye floaters. So are the dynamics of moving to and fro and drifting downward (“falling from the sky”). However, eye floaters can’t be the only explanation for the fact that this phenomenon was unique and impressive enough to the observers to be recorded. The entoptic interpretation, therefore, needs to imply a certain state of consciousness that not only leads to an intensified appearance of entoptic phenomena but also to emotional arousal and the making of meaning in the observer. With Glaser’s claim about the collective nature of the experience in mind, this state of consciousness may be shared among the persons involved – even if the subjective nature of the experience does not allow for their full accordance. In any case, Glaser was the person to determine which perceptions (his own, those of someone else, those of several other people) were finally depicted and printed.

If the entoptic interpretation is correct, the investigation of early modern celestial phenomena reveal a transition in the cultural judgment of eye floaters: they are still religiously and spiritually significant signs – just like they presumably were in the Upper Paleolithic (Tausin, 2006) and in the visions of some medieval mystics (Tausin, 2007). At the same time, against the background of an increasingly rational and naturalistic world view, they are feared as anomalies in a (God-)given order – a modern notion which still exists in present-day ophthalmology (Tausin, 2009).


  • Digitale Bibliothek: The Yorck Project 9. Berlin 2005
  • Tausin, Floco. (2009). Mouches volantes – Glaskörpertrübung oder Nervensystem? ExtremNews. (22.12.09)
  • Tausin, Floco (2007). Religiöse Kunst mit entoptischen Phänomenen – Hildegard von Bingen. (Ganzheitlich Sehen, 3/2007). (10.6.10)
  • Tausin, Floco. (2006). "Mouches volantes und Trance. Ein universelles Phänomen bei erweiterten Bewusstseinszuständen früher und heute". Jenseits des Irdischen 3


You will find this and other pictures in the gallery. Do you have drawings of eye floaters or other entoptic phenomena (flying corpuscles, afterimages etc.)? Do you know of realistic, artistic, and religious representations of such appearances? Then send me the picture or give me the tip; I would like to publish it in the newsletter and/or in the gallery.


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About the Author’s Projects


Publications by Floco Tausin


Publications by Floco Tausin

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Medicine and religion
In the 1990s, pracitioners of orthodox scientific medicine engaged in dialogs with much earnest and passion about the unification of religion and medicine. It was shown that many complaints and illnesses are soothed more easily if the patient is spiritually active. This article is a contribution to this development. It intends to examine the phenomenon of the migraine aura from the spiritual view and therefore to understand migraine as a physical and spiritual condition which corresponds to lived spirituality and, from there, is accessible and alterable.

- Wisdom Magazine (24.2.10)
- Your Spiritual Revolution 4, no. 2 (February) 2010. (11.3.10)


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Last but not Least

Reader’s comments on the Holistic Vision Project


„Enjoyed your book very much. We have a lot in common re. the ‘whole picture’. By the way, I am vegan.“

-- Clara

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